A. Brandt Ranch Oak Furniture Serving or Brunch Cart


Wowza.  This is cool old school stuff.  Cane doors open on either side to a storage compartment.  Beautiful glazed walnut/oak that’s like new with almost zero signs of scratching.  Wonderful mica top that, what, unfolds and doubles the serving surface.  Glides like its on AAA bearing wheels.

This was made in the 1970’s by A. Brandt Ranch Oak Furniture in Ft. Worth, Texas and part of the Acorn Brown dining or game room line-up.  Often mis-attributed to Edward Wormley and Dunbar (I fell victim initially too), it is not, alas, but definitely in his style and a pretty amazing piece all the same.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 17 × 29 in