Wide Coffee Table (Rocker collection)

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      Three small tables from the Rocker collection.  Why Rocker collection? Because they are from the estate of legendary Styx lead guitarist James Young’s parents.  The Lee L. Woodard rocker is part of it because, well, its a rocking chair… and it rocks.

      These small side tables are $50 a piece for two of them and $35 for the third slightly nicked one.  I have no idea of their country of origin or who made them but they are crisp walnut veneer beauties with very clean lines.  The legs of all three are interchangeable as well as with the wider rectangular coffee table ($150) and the narrow rectangular coffee table ($100).  and the whole lot of tables can be had together for $300 (a $50 savings over purchasing individually).

      Also in the Rocker collection is a small side table unique in design ($150), two of the most fantastic MCM lamps ever ($300 for the pair with original lamp shades – and i cannot split them up), a lovely and functional Kent Coffey end-table/storage unit ($200) that wants to fly oh so high… and the Lee L. Woodard rocking chair ($1100 solo, or $1000 with the purchase of $300 of other items).  The entire rocker collection can be had for $850 ($100 in savings over purchasing individually).  That price doesn’t include the Woodard rocking chair, unfortunately, but that can be included for a rocking total of $1750.  Rock!

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    Weight 30 lbs
    Dimensions 54.5 × 30 × 15 in