Mid Century Italian Rosewood Executive Desk


It’s like Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey, but this isn’t a donkey and you can use it all year round!  Unknown maker and i would consider this a middle of the road desk – it’s no Borsani or Ponti, nor is it likely Zanuso, but boy, does it have some smokin’ rosewood grain to her,  The rosewood veneer on this piece is in really excellent condition for a desk of this age (likely from the 60’s or 70’s – but unmarked in maker and production year).

Sadly, there are some structural issues – none of which causes failure, but there is some annoyance.  Here at Witt-Century we strive to ameliorate these issues before they reach you, and we will try to do so here.  In fact the annoyances, while large, are caused by little issues we think should be remedied within a week or two.  This narrative will change as condition issues cease.

Currently the two biggest issues are a moderately loose frame in which the whole thing can be shaky when moving it.  Not so while it is stationary.  It’s just when moving it, you can tell the support brace along the bottom and the legs and how they are all attached to the surface is a  bit shaky.

Then the drawer casing has fallen from the frame about 1/4 inch toward the front.  Whether the other issues caused this or vice versa, who knows, who cares, they are both potential long term problems.  Lastly the middle drawer slides on the interior need to be replaced.  For whatever reason, the top half of them are shaved off causing the drawer to ‘fall’ and it’s difficult to get it in without misalignment relative to the other drawers.  Definitely the biggest annoyance, but probably the easiest to fix.

One issue that’s already been taken care off:  ugly drawer pulls gone and replaced with sleeker pulls.  The originals are yours for the taking (two originals and two badly matched replacements, that is) if you wish to reinstall that hardware.

So, i feel like that I may have been so honest there I shot this sale in the foot.  Meh.  It is what it is.  And what it is, regardless, is some gorgeous rosewood veneer on an executive desk that is sturdy unless moved and not annoying if you don’t use the middle drawer.  Further the lock mechanism works great and the key is even with the desk.  Locks and keys don’t seem to survive their partnership in mid-century furniture outfitted with them very well, but here they did.  Oh, did I mention it was gorgeous?…

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 70.75 × 31.5 × 29.5 in