Koefoeds Hornslet “Ingrid” Chairs – Set of 6 – ON HOLD


OK, I am absolutely in love with the “Ingrid” chair from Koefoeds Hornslet. Its sinuous sculpted back with delicate ribbons of Rio rosewood for the supports is breathtaking. (Delicate in appearance, not performance.)

This set has the finest, most well-kept wood relative to any set I’ve seen. It’s also rare to come across a set with captain’s chairs. Both are reasons to make these Danish delights a part of your showcase dining room.

I’ve listed the condition as ‘good’ because the upholstery on this set needs updating (it’s in fine shape but not my style and has a ‘used’ look,) and the price is reflective of that, (but it is also reflective of that fact that it includes the captains chairs and the condition of the wood.) This set will eventually be re-upholstered unless they’re purchased beforehand to re-upholster as you wish.

Gorgeous, gorgeous chairs.  Being made even more gorgeous – in process of being completely refurbished.  Stay turned for updates and pictures of the redone set.


Additional information

Dimensions 19 × 16 × 38 in