Dyrlund Rosewood Flip-Flap Dining Table


Mid-century Danish ‘flip-flap’ table by Dyrlund in the rare oval shape style. Solid wood with rosewood veneer. This oval beast hides her unique method for accommodating more under the table top with 4 uniquely designed extension flaps that pull out and flip up and flap down to create a perimeter extension.

Beautiful refinished rosewood veneer main table surfaces and rosewood veneer on the rest of the table and flaps make this an elegant and interestingly designed dining table. There is some veneer chipping to table top sides that has been filled and stained over (re-veneering this edge would restore her to full loveliness.) Also some veneer chips to the underside of the flaps (being the underside they are completely invisible except during the unfurling of the flip-flaps.). Still gorgeous regardless.

Those flaps extended add another 34″ of length and 8″ of width, making this ‘tank meets transformer’ table a length of 97″ and a width of 52″, in other words, humongous.

Additional information

Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 44 × 29 in