About Witt-Century Modern

The first question most people ask: “Why ‘Witt-century?'” Well, due to my enormous sense of wit, of course! (See, right there…). Also my middle name and Mom’s family name is Wittmayer. Seems like the perfect tongue-in-cheekiness name given what we’re selling here, a lot of things mid-century.

Right now this is for fun. I have a full time job but was bitten by the MCM bug about a year ago when looking to furnish my new Chicago apartment.

I started at Westtown Re-Up, spent some time at Dial-M-for-Modern (highly recommend both places to check out) and checked out some of the other shops about town. Then I found out about estate sales and got the nerve to go to one and a couple of auctions and then it was all over – I had full on MCM addiction.

Soon enough I ran out of room and so this website is a way to cycle through the MCM goodiness by selling hand picked items I’ve had in my home to you so I can continue feeding the addiction. Enjoy!